More about Conventional Refinancing

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Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial has helped many families in Birmingham, Alabama. We welcome you to reach out and discuss whether you want to refinance your mortgage to a conventional loan. There are plenty of tools to help you weigh the options available. Today we are here to share about conventional refinance options. When you… [Read More]

What Is Debt Service Coverage?

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Debt service coverage refers to when a bank is securing their risk on a loan by requiring a minimum down payment or mortgage insurance in case of a loss. The borrower’s debt to income ratio will be calculated, along with the loan to value of the home. Many banks will require you to secure mortgage… [Read More]

Understanding Bank Statement Loans


As the name indicates, a bank statement loan uses alternative methods to qualify your mortgage approval by relying on your banking records. It is an ideal service for someone who owns his or her own business or who is self-employed. They rely less on tax returns and conventional means to prove your ability to repay… [Read More]

Cash-Out Refinancing


Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial has helped local Birmingham, Alabama homeowners understand and meet their needs through cash-out refinance mortgages.  Many people turn to this type of financing to help pay for repairs, pay off debt, or pay for college or school tuition. This type of loan helps you borrow funds from the equity that… [Read More]

Relocating to Alabama Tips + Relocation Checklist


Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial is here to help you with all your needs for purchasing a home and relocating to Birmingham, Alabama. There are so many things to remember during the process of moving, and in buying and selling a home. We have included a useful checklist for you to print and remember. Be… [Read More]

VA Construction Loans


Are you a Veteran or otherwise qualifying service member or spouse that can qualify for a home loan from the US Department of Veteran Affairs? Do you want to build your own home instead of purchase an existing one? Then you may consider a VA Construction Loan. These loans come with many benefits and streamlined… [Read More]

FHA 203k Loans


Are you looking to purchase a home that will need remodeling or renovations? Are you researching ways to cover the costs? A 203K Loan may just the solution you need. This week, Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial is here to tell you all about 203K Loans. You are welcome to call our professional staff for… [Read More]

Reverse Mortgages

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A reverse mortgage is a loan made against a home that you already own. Many people use this type of loan to purchase a second property. It is commonly also understood as a home equity loan. In fact, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program is a type of reverse mortgage. This loan program may… [Read More]

HomeStyle Loans


If you are planning to make home renovations or repairs, there are many options to help with financing. Homeowners can apply for lines of credit, in store financing, or home equity loans. However, these are not the only ways to pay for your project. If you have recently purchased a home, or are trying to… [Read More]

Construction Loans for One and Two-Time Closings


Are you planning to build your own, custom dream home? Do you want to understand all the ins and outs of construction loans and closing costs? This week’s blog post is just for you. Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial is here to share some pros and cons of construction loans for one and two-time closings…. [Read More]