Relocating to Alabama Tips + Relocation Checklist

Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial is here to help you with all your needs for purchasing a home and relocating to Birmingham, Alabama. There are so many things to remember during the process of moving, and in buying and selling a home. We have included a useful checklist for you to print and remember. Be sure to contact our offices as well, we will help ensure you do not leave out any important details.

Tips on Staging and Selling Your Old Home

You need to review your budget and desired income from selling your old home. Sometimes staging the home can be a worthwhile investment to increase the pace of the sale and to maximize the value you get out of the home. Here are some suggested ideas:

_ It may seem obvious, but start with cleaning and de-cluttering your home first. Many buyers are influenced by an organized and sparkling clean home. In addition, by creating space, you can make the home look larger than it actually is!

_ Buyers tend to focus on the kitchen, master bedroom, or living room for their review. If your budget is low, research what rooms people are focused on and start staging these rooms first.

_ It has been suggested you repaint the home in neutral colors and remove any unusual wall paper or d├ęcor.

_ Ensure there is curb appeal in your home, focus on the front yard and entryways for some sprucing!

_ Focus on whether the home looks brightly lit and appealing.

_ If you move and leave the home empty, considering paying for staging furnishings. People may be more prone to buy if they can envision what the home will look like when they move in and bring furniture.

_ Consider investing in someone or asking a relative to have the home is dusted and cleaned periodically if you already have moved and the home still has yet to sell.

Before You Close on Your New Home

Be sure you are detailed before you close on a new home in your relocation city. You will want to visit the area and make sure this is an area you can live in for a while. Here are some tips on what to look at before you close on your new home.

  • Do a final walkthrough with your real estate agent or a trusted professional and get the home thoroughly inspected.
  • Bring the home inspection with you along with a camera and list to note details.
  • Ensure the home will come with the promised add-ons.
  • Check any post-inspection repairs were made, do not be afraid to ask for proof and warranties.
  • Research the local neighborhood and community.

Ransom Kelly at Assurance Financial is standing by to help answer additional questions about relocating to and buying a new home in Birmingham, Alabama. Contact our friendly staff today!